Green Roofing: Protect the Environment and Your Wallet

Green Roofing: Protect the Environment and Your Wallet

When it comes to green roofing, we have you covered.

Our spray foam systems are the most energy efficient roofing systems available per inch in the roofing industry. We have no seams or boards like the built up, modified, TPO, PVC or EPDM systems. Those systems have thermal bridging or loss at all of the seams, costing you money.

Our systems are 95% effective at stopping air transfer and are seamless, keeping your roof water tight all at the same time. Our systems reduce heat loads through reducing cooling demands and saving you money on AC. In just a few years, our savings can help you pay for the roofing project.

With the high solids, reflective silicone coatings, we can provide long term water tight integrity, offering 10 to 15 and 20-year renewable warranties. Properly installed and maintenanced, these systems may be the last roof you’ll ever put on your commercial project or facility.

Many power providers with give incentives to you, the owner, to install our roofing systems. Many of our systems qualify for Leed Certification Points. Let us give you a quote today to start saving tomorrow!

We have several systems available. Contact us and let us provide a customized quote for your project or building today!