Why Spray Foam

At AFU, sealing your roof from moisture is our first concern. We make sure your waterproof spray foam roofing system is applied correctly, the first time, so you are free to focus your time and energies on growing your business. Read More

Red Flags to Avoid

At AFU, we are proud to be part of the roofing industry. We find great satisfaction in providing a needed product with the level of service and integrity we want to receive ourselves. Unfortunately, there are roofing contractors who take a very short term view of their transactions with customers. Read More

Energy Star Roofing

Our systems are 95% effective at stopping air transfer and are seamless, keeping your roof water tight all at the same time. Our systems reduce heat loads through reducing cooling demands and saving you money on AC. In just a few years, our savings can help you pay for the roofing project. Read More

Learn about your roof! Below are the four most common types of roofs.

Click on the picture closely resembling your roof and learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your existing roofing system.

Modified Roof

The torch down or mopped down sheet is used extensively. These systems usually fail within 3-6 years of installation. It’s […]

Metal Roof

Metal roofs are durable and pleasing to the eye. They cover billions of square feet of roofing across the US. […]

Sheet Systems: TPO, EPDM & PVC

These systems start out energy efficient usually due to the white outer covering/color. They are cost effective, especially for new […]

BUG- Built Up Gravel Roof

A gravel roof is one of the oldest systems used in the roofing industry. Typically, these roofs were two or […]

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