Sheet Systems: TPO, EPDM & PVC


These systems start out energy efficient usually due to the white outer covering/color. They are cost effective, especially for new construction. Many of these come with the “20 year NDL” warranties. They are functional, but start to show a breakdown usually at 5-7 years. Leaks are very hard to find on these roofs and the sun takes a major toll on the product. Typically, they are totally removed and replaced before or at the 10 year age period. Total removal is usually required and disrupts the business slightly.

They are esthetically pleasing when new. Be advised to only install them on a sloped surface, usually ¼ per foot slope.

These membranes can be punctured if AC or HVAC personnel are not careful. Once poked, cut, or ripped, there is no secondary water barrier or stop. Plus, many fasteners required to secure this system may lead to more leaks than were originally noted with a failure of any of the seams or breaks in the surface. The insulation installed under these sheet systems, in no way stops the water intrusion and in fact, may increase the severity. Be sure to check the warranties closely.

If you have one of these systems and need to seal them, while you build the reserves we offer a 10 year or 15 year High Solids Silicone Rubber System that can provide you the water tight integrity you need. We overhaul the complete system with proven High Elongation Silicone Liquid Rubber Systems.

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