Modified Roof


The torch down or mopped down sheet is used extensively. These systems usually fail within 3-6 years of installation. It’s a simple concept, of course, when we know asphalt moves with heat and cold. These systems are a fiber or polyester sheet saturated with asphalt. Some have additional chemicals infused to “slow down movement or break down,” but to make a long story short, they are asphalt.

Many times improper heating can cause blistering within the sheet. Seams usually break down within a few years of application. The ceramic white granule is usually gray, thus giving you very little in energy savings. These systems should be installed only on sloped surfaces. However, that’s not always the case.

Our systems can go over these and upgrade them, again saving you the major tear-off cost and helping reduce your energy requirement footprint. Our silicones can stand up to ponding water. We guarantee it!

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