Metal Roof


Metal roofs are durable and pleasing to the eye. They cover billions of square feet of roofing across the US. These roofs usually lack in an insulation quality. Batten insulation gets crushed and is really only 36-40% effective. Then, as soon as a seam or ridge vent lets moisture in, it drops rapidly and you have permeant sagging insulation in the ceiling. Our systems reduce thermal shock with their high insulating properties.

Movement is extreme when a surface temperature is 180-240 degrees and has a 70 degree rain drop onto it. The stress tears at the butyl on seams and laps and also degrades the neoprene under the fasteners.

Leaks are hard to find due to which seams or bolt it is and sometimes only leaks with certain wind directions. Rake flashing or seams at joints can fail and yet, are hidden from sight.

Our systems of Foam or Foam & Silicone can stop this nightmare and pay themselves back to you while doing it.

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